Sensible Solutions for Children, LLC

                     Solutions for Positive Behavior Change
Our firm subscribes to the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, which mean that we are guided by the following principles in our work with all our clients, both persons and organizations.

We believe that:
1. Behavior is lawful, meaning that it is the result of stimuli in the individual's environment. 
2. Both occurrence and possible repetition of behaviors follow the established principles of reinforcement - behaviors, whether positive or  problematic, that receive reinforcement will be more likely to occur in the future.
3. It has been scientifically established that interventions for persons with Autism using Applied Behavior Analyis (ABA) have been shown to be the most effective means for positive and long lasting behavior change and learning.  

The specific beliefs and orientation that contribute to that success are that this methodology:
* focuses on interventions that have social significance to the individual client;
* focuses and studies behaviors that need to be improved, not a similar behavior,    not the verbal description of others about the behavior, and not a diagnostic label that is supposedly related to the actual behavior;
* is analytic, meaning a direct functional relationship can be established between the behavior of concern and the preceding and/or reinforcing stimulus, and that the control of the preceding and resulting stimuli can alter the existing patterns of behavior and result in improvement.
* uses nothing but procedures that will be thoroughly described to the client family and that have been professionally validated for effectiveness in the professional literature;
* uses proccedures that are conceptually systematic, meaning that they can be explained in clear terms of established and validated behavior principles, and;
* insists that interventions used must be seen to improve the behavior under consideration to a practical degree that lasts over time, and will be maintained in environments and settings where the interventions were not specifically trained.

Our firm subscribes fully and completely  to the Ethics Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts, as set down by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board
 ( See for details).

Sensible Solutions for Children exists to bring children with Autism into as full and equitable participation in our communities as is possible.  We believe this is best achieved  by the application of evidence-based design and procedures that are individualized and used by competent professionals who are committed to achieving this Goal for each and every child whose life we touch.
     Based on our commitment to this Goal, as an organization Sensible Solutions for Children makes the same full commitment to each and every human being we encounter, at work and in our personal lives, to work, care and nurture each other to achieve the Goal of full acceptance and participation for all.
     We believe this Goal can only be reached through a spirit of equity in attitude, equity in treatment, and equity in inclusion, all sustained by the belief that the differences among us are minor and irrelevant, and that they can distract us from full participation in the work of all of us caring for all of us. 
As Sensible Solutions for Children continues and expands, we will:
     always strive to hire staff based on competence and commitment to the work;
     ensure our staff are treated and treat each other with fairness and equity; and
     serve our clinet population and their families with the same spirit.