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                     Solutions for Positive Behavior Change 

Personalized Services to Families and Children
Individual Evaluation by Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) or Functional Analysis (FA).  To address problematic behavior, effective intervention begins with an assessment to understand the function that the behavior serves for the individual.  Once the function of the behavior has been identified, BCBA's treat behavior issues by assisting the client to develop and use more appropriate ways to reach the goals formerly served by the problematic behaviors.

Clinical observation and assessment
ABA programming should begin with an assessment of skills and behavior, including formal and informal measures and clinical observations across relevant settings (home, school/day care, & community.)  Starting with an FBA and an ABAS-3, the program of assessment of your child’s skills may also include VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, Essentials for Living, AFLS, and other measures.

Individualized programming
After assessment, clients will receive personalized programs to capitalize on strengths and address needs.  ABA programming by our trained staff assures the best outcomes for our clients.

Development, Implementation and Supervision of  Verbal Behavior programming.  For children with under-developed and non-functional communication skills, the ABA/Verbal Behavior approach, which incorporates B.F. Skinner's analysis of Verbal Behavior, develops and enhances children's ability to make their needs known, communicate effectively and responsively with others, and enhances more complex language development.

Progress Monitoring and Behavior Analytic Consultation and Supervision by BCBA's.
Ongoing data collection by our trained staff and analysis by BCBA's permits adjustment of the child's individualized program on a constant basis to capitalize on developing skills and positive behavior change.

Parent and Caregiver Training
We are always available to consult with parents and caregivers of our clients. It is critical to our clients’ success that we give caregivers the behavioral tools to use in home and community. 

Intensive Toilet Training.  For children to participate fully in school and community settings, development of appropriate independence in toileting is a necessary skill to avoid stigmatization and improve acceptance, socialization and participation.

For any of the Services Above, Please Contact us Directly
By phone:   (610) 733-7785  to Donna Mattison, BCBA  (Clinical Director) 
                   (610) 316-7307 to Russell Mattison, BCBA (Director of Operations)
By Fax:      (610) 436-1208
By Email:   rvmattisonbcba@gmail.com

Services / Collaboration with Schools and Agencies
Consultation with other agencies
Children with ASD typically are served by both the educational system & other agencies.  We believe that collaborative relationships among all the serving agencies are in the best interests of our clients.

Collaborative Development of Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSP).  Students in schools with problematic behaviors are to be served through development and implementation of a Positive Behavior Support Plan.  Our firm can assist agencies, schools, and parents in the development and implementation of effective ways to intervene with those behaviors that interfere with learning and participation in classroom and larger school settings.

Development and ongoing Consultation for ABA and VB classrooms.
Our firm provides support for school districts and private schools seeking to develop and implement ABA and VB methodoloigies in classrooms for students with Autism and related disorders.

Professional Development Opportunities and Workshops 
for Schools and Agencies.  Our BCBA's consult with agencies and schools to provide specialized training to school and agency staff on a variety of topics related to ABA prinicples and programming, inidividual assessment, and program development and implementation.

Supervision and Mentoring
Clinical Supervision of BCBA and BCABA candidates
Because we believe that Applied Behavior Analysis is the best tool to address children’s learning and behavior issues, we provide clinical supervision to BCBA and BCABA candidates.

Instruction, Supervision, and Mentoring of Candidates seeking the Registered Behavior Technician credential (RBT) through the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).  Current rules make it likely that very soon  direct service staff working with clients with Autism will be required to complete specific training and pass an formal examination to earn the credential as a Registered Behavior Technician and qualify for insurance reimbursement.  Our firm provides a model for such training, supervision, and ongoing mentoring of those individuals working toward the RBT credential.